The FreeRADIUS server  $Id: 15bac2a4c627c01d1aa2047687b3418955ac7f00 $
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1 #pragma once
2 /* @copyright 2006 The FreeRADIUS server project */
3 RCSIDH(smbdes_h, "$Id: 2c00b301d7be8e901f33d8e716d5ac4a90970950 $")
5 void smbhash(unsigned char *out, unsigned char const *in, unsigned char *key);
6 void smbdes_lmpwdhash(char const *password, uint8_t *lmhash);
7 void smbdes_mschap(uint8_t const win_password[16],
8  uint8_t const *challenge, uint8_t *response);
#define RCSIDH(h, id)
Definition: build.h:445
static fr_slen_t in
Definition: dict.h:645
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: merged_model.c:30
void smbhash(unsigned char *out, unsigned char const *in, unsigned char *key)
Definition: smbdes.c:287
void smbdes_mschap(uint8_t const win_password[16], uint8_t const *challenge, uint8_t *response)
Definition: smbdes.c:339
void smbdes_lmpwdhash(char const *password, uint8_t *lmhash)
Definition: smbdes.c:319
static size_t char ** out
Definition: value.h:984