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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
rlm_ruby_t Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (instantiate)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (authorize)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (authenticate)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (preacct)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (accounting)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (checksimul)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (pre_proxy)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (post_proxy)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (post_auth)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (recv_coa)
 RLM_RUBY_STRUCT (send_coa)

Data Fields

char const * filename
VALUE module
char const * module_name

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file rlm_ruby.c.

Member Function Documentation

rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( instantiate  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( authorize  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( authenticate  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( preacct  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( accounting  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( checksimul  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( pre_proxy  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( post_proxy  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( post_auth  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( recv_coa  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( send_coa  )
rlm_ruby_t::RLM_RUBY_STRUCT ( detach  )

Field Documentation

char const* rlm_ruby_t::filename

Definition at line 75 of file rlm_ruby.c.

VALUE rlm_ruby_t::module

Definition at line 77 of file rlm_ruby.c.

char const* rlm_ruby_t::module_name

Definition at line 76 of file rlm_ruby.c.

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