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file  automask.h [code]
file  base64.h [code]
 Encode and decode data in base64 format.
file  build.h [code]
 Source control functions.
file  channel.h [code]
 API to provide distinct communication channels for the radmin protocol.
file  clients.h [code]
 API to add client definitions to the server, both on startup and at runtime.
file  conf.h [code]
file  conffile.h [code]
 API to parse FreeRADIUS configuration file format, and convert string values to native C datatypes.
file  connection.h [code]
 API to manage pools of persistent connections to external resources.
file  detail.h [code]
 API to deserialise packets in detail file format and inject them into the server.
file  dhcp.h [code]
 Implementation of the DHCPv4 protocol.
file  dict.h [code]
 Multi-protocol attribute dictionary API.
file  event.h [code]
 A simple event queue.
file  exfile.h [code]
 API for managing concurrent file access.
file  hash.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for fast hashing.
file  heap.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for binary heaps.
file  inet.h [code]
 Structures and functions for parsing, printing, masking and retrieving IP addresses.
file  libradius.h [code]
file  listen.h [code]
 Listener API.
file  log.h [code]
 Macros and function definitions to write log messages, and control the logging system.
file  map.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for maps.
file  map_proc.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for map functions.
file  md4.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for md4.
file  md5.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for md5.
file  modcall.h [code]
 API to the module-calling tree.
file  modpriv.h [code]
 Stuff needed by both modules.c and modcall.c, but should not be accessed from anywhere else.
file  modules.h [code]
 Interface to the RADIUS module system.
file  net.h [code]
 Structures and functions for parsing raw network packets.
file  packet.h [code]
 Structures and functions for packet manipulation.
file  pair.h [code]
 AVP manipulation and search API.
file  parser.h [code]
 Condition parser API.
file  pcap.h [code]
file  process.h [code]
 State machine for a server to process packets.
file  proto.h [code]
 Protocol encoder/decoder support functions.
file  protocol.h [code]
 Protocol module API.
file  rad_assert.h [code]
 Debug assertions, with logging.
file  radclient.h [code]
 Structures for the radclient utility.
file  radius.h [code]
 Constants for the RADIUS protocol.
file  radiusd.h [code]
 Structures, prototypes and global variables for the FreeRADIUS server.
file  radsniff.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for the RADIUS sniffer.
file  radutmp.h [code]
 Definitions for session tracking with a 'UTMP' file.
file  realms.h [code]
 Request forwarding API.
file  regex.h [code]
file  sha1.h [code]
 Local implementation of the SHA1 hashing scheme.
file  soh.h [code]
 Microsoft SoH support.
file  state.h [code]
file  stats.h [code]
 Track overarching 'state' of the authentication session over multiple packets.
file  sysutmp.h [code]
 Compatibility stuff for the different UTMP systems.
file  tcp.h [code]
file  threads.h [code]
 Macros to abstract Thread Local Storage.
file  tmpl.h [code]
 Structures and prototypes for templates.
file  token.h [code]
 Tokenisation code and constants.
file  udp.h [code]
 Abstraction API for sending and receiving packets on UDP sockets.
file  udpfromto.h [code]
 Abstract API for sending and receiving packets on unconnected UDP sockets.
file  xlat.h [code]
 xlat expansion parsing and evaluation API.