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rlm_eap_tls.h File Reference
#include <freeradius-devel/radiusd.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/modules.h>
#include "eap_tls.h"
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Data Structures

struct  rlm_eap_tls_t


typedef struct rlm_eap_tls_t rlm_eap_tls_t

Data Structure Documentation

struct rlm_eap_tls_t

Definition at line 34 of file rlm_eap_tls.h.

Data Fields
bool req_client_cert Whether we require the client to provide a certificate or not.

RFC 5216 says it's not mandatory, and there are some situations where it's useful to allow client access without a certificate.

fr_tls_server_conf_t * tls_conf Shared TLS configuration structure.
char const * tls_conf_name The name of the shared TLS configuration.
char const * virtual_server Virtual server used for validating certificates.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct rlm_eap_tls_t rlm_eap_tls_t