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sysutmp.h File Reference

Compatibility stuff for the different UTMP systems. More...

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Data Structures

struct  utmp


#define DEAD_PROCESS   8
#define USER_PROCESS   7
#define UT_HOSTSIZE   16
#define UT_LINESIZE   16
#define ut_name   ut_user
#define UT_NAMESIZE   16
#define UTMP_FILE   "/var/run/utmp"

Detailed Description

Compatibility stuff for the different UTMP systems.


Definition in file sysutmp.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct utmp

Definition at line 107 of file sysutmp.h.

Data Fields
long ut_addr
char ut_host[UT_HOSTSIZE]
char ut_id[4]
char ut_line[UT_LINESIZE]
int ut_pid
long ut_time
short ut_type
char ut_user[UT_NAMESIZE]

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEAD_PROCESS   8

Definition at line 102 of file sysutmp.h.

#define USER_PROCESS   7

Definition at line 101 of file sysutmp.h.

#define UT_HOSTSIZE   16

Definition at line 99 of file sysutmp.h.

#define UT_LINESIZE   16

Definition at line 97 of file sysutmp.h.

#define ut_name   ut_user

Definition at line 105 of file sysutmp.h.

#define UT_NAMESIZE   16

Definition at line 98 of file sysutmp.h.

#define UTMP_FILE   "/var/run/utmp"

Definition at line 104 of file sysutmp.h.