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rlm_eap_sim.c File Reference

Implements EAP-SIM. More...

#include <freeradius-devel/eap/base.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/eap_aka_sim/attrs.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/eap_aka_sim/base.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/eap_aka_sim/module.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/server/virtual_servers.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/unlang/module.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/util/rand.h>
#include <freeradius-devel/util/debug.h>
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static int mod_instantiate (module_inst_ctx_t const *mctx)
static int mod_load (void)
static unlang_action_t mod_session_init (rlm_rcode_t *p_result, module_ctx_t const *mctx, request_t *request)
static eap_type_t mod_type_identity (UNUSED void *instance, char const *id, size_t len)
static void mod_unload (void)


rlm_eap_submodule_t rlm_eap_sim
static conf_parser_t submodule_config []

Detailed Description

Implements EAP-SIM.

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cud.nosp@m.bard.nosp@m.b@fre.nosp@m.erad.nosp@m.ius.o.nosp@m.rg

Definition in file rlm_eap_sim.c.

Function Documentation

◆ mod_instantiate()

static int mod_instantiate ( module_inst_ctx_t const *  mctx)

Definition at line 60 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

◆ mod_load()

static int mod_load ( void  )

Definition at line 76 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

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◆ mod_session_init()

static unlang_action_t mod_session_init ( rlm_rcode_t p_result,
module_ctx_t const *  mctx,
request_t request 

Definition at line 46 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

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◆ mod_type_identity()

static eap_type_t mod_type_identity ( UNUSED void *  instance,
char const *  id,
size_t  len 

Definition at line 69 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

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◆ mod_unload()

static void mod_unload ( void  )

Definition at line 85 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

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Variable Documentation

◆ rlm_eap_sim

rlm_eap_submodule_t rlm_eap_sim
Initial value:
= {
.common = {
.name = "eap_sim",
.inst_size = sizeof(eap_aka_sim_module_conf_t),
.inst_type = "eap_aka_sim_module_conf_t",
.onload = mod_load,
.unload = mod_unload,
.provides = { FR_EAP_METHOD_SIM },
.type_identity = mod_type_identity,
.session_init = mod_session_init,
.namespace = &dict_eap_aka_sim
Stop people using different module/library/server versions together.
Definition: dl_module.h:65
Definition: types.h:63
fr_dict_t const * dict_eap_aka_sim
Definition: base.c:48
static const conf_parser_t config[]
Definition: base.c:188
static int mod_load(void)
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:76
static void mod_unload(void)
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:85
static conf_parser_t submodule_config[]
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:39
static int mod_instantiate(module_inst_ctx_t const *mctx)
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:60
static eap_type_t mod_type_identity(UNUSED void *instance, char const *id, size_t len)
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:69
static unlang_action_t mod_session_init(rlm_rcode_t *p_result, module_ctx_t const *mctx, request_t *request)
Definition: rlm_eap_sim.c:46
static int instantiate(module_inst_ctx_t const *mctx)
Definition: rlm_rest.c:1312

Definition at line 96 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.

◆ submodule_config

conf_parser_t submodule_config[]
Initial value:
= {
Definition: cf_parse.h:626
Error out if no matching CONF_PAIR is found, and no dflt value is set.
Definition: cf_parse.h:406
#define FR_CONF_OFFSET_TYPE_FLAGS(_name, _type, _flags, _struct, _field)
conf_parser_t which parses a single CONF_PAIR, writing the result to a field in a struct
Definition: cf_parse.h:241
User data.
Definition: merged_model.c:127
int virtual_server_cf_parse(UNUSED TALLOC_CTX *ctx, void *out, UNUSED void *parent, CONF_ITEM *ci, UNUSED conf_parser_t const *rule)
Wrapper for the config parser to allow pass1 resolution of virtual servers.

Definition at line 39 of file rlm_eap_sim.c.